Flowers On Bookshelf


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 22.00 x 18.00 inches(55.88 x 45.72 cm)
Original Price: 200.00 USD
Run: 50

Alec Egan Flowers on Bookshelf 22' x 17.7', archival pigment print Signed edition of 50 $200 Alec Egan is a Los Angeles based painter. Egan explores the rituals of American domesticity through dynamically rendered interiors devoid of occupants, which allow signifiers of nostalgia to take center stage. Decorative patterns, tchotchkes, and other sentimental objects are repeated throughout his compositions; their repetition underscores and enhances their intensity, lending a psychedelic kaleidoscopic view into an otherwise banal scene. In Flowers on Bookshelf, a bouquet of flowers camouflages with floral patterned wallpaper, simultaneously flattening and creating depth within the composition. The scene echoes with Egan's characteristic dry sense of humor, which constructs a fictitious remembrance rooted in the idolatry of objects.
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