Enemy Within


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 28.00 x 34.00 Inches(71.12 x 86.36 cm)
Original Price: 96.00 USD
Run: 150
Markings: Signed & Numbered

7 Colour Screenprint with Hand Finished Graphite Drawing on Southbank Smooth 250gsm Paper Edges: Cut
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Gold Leaf

Dimension (x,y,z): 27.95 x 33.46 inches (71.00 x 85.00 cm)
Original Price: 395.00 GBP
Run: 125
Markings: Signed & Numbered

Archival Inkjet with Hand Applied 24 Carat Gold Leaf on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm Paper Edition of 125 71cm x 85cm
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