Fairest Of Them All


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 8.00 x inches(20.32 x 0 cm)
Original Price: 120.00 USD
Run: 200

Have you ever wondered what an alternative ending to the classic 'happily ever after' might look like? This week, we put a spin on one of our favourite fairytale characters of all time. Be prepared that a contemporary woman who once-upon-a-time was a young girl dreaming of her knight in shining armour does not always end up with her prince charming. Popularised by his provocative take on Disney princesses, Djohan Hanapi brings us a delightfully sensual tale about a sultry black-haired maiden on a pursuit of gratifying pleasure and titillating self-discovery. Leaving her nagging prince, animal friends and little dwarfs behind, let's see what Fairest of Them All is up to as she savours her newfound freedom! 8' / 20cm Tall Soft Vinyl Art Collectible Blister Packed Limited Edition Production of 200
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