Gold Life: Tapso The Ornery Panda


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 8.00 x inches(20.32 x 0 cm)
Original Price: 149.00 USD
Run: 200

A formerly talented sword master and member of a well known peace keeping squad in the capital, Tapso rose amongst the ranks to become one of the elite bodyguards of his Daimyo. He excelled in his duties and had an impeccable record but one night, during a rather brutal assassination attempt, he lost his entire squad and many members of the royal house. Afterward, broken and lost, his troubled soul got the better of him. Losing himself in drink, he became more well known as a gambler and a drunk. Short on words, the golden sheen of his eyes found blurred by sake more often than not, this is Tapso the 'Ornery Panda'. Vinyl Art Collectible Blister packed in printed box Figure: 8' (20cm) Limited Edition of 200
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