New Bedford Rising - Replica Prophecy Poster


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 25.59 x 40.55 inches (65.00 x 103.00 cm)
Original Price: 195.00 GBP
Run: 13

This edition is an exact scale replica of the 12ft distressed poster shown in the ADP exhibition on America Street, London 2015 -16. This diminutive version, being only 103 x 65 cm, is constructed in the same way as the monumental original, gluing together layers of collaged prints and backing papers which then go through the patented L-13 aging and distressing process that renders the poster with a near sculptural quality. Edition of only 13 (+ 3 APs) signed, numbered and stamped by the artist Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as provenance PLEASE NOTE: Each collage/print is individually made and the level of distressing and rendering will vary from poster to poster.
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