Purrasaurolophus Nesting: 73 Million AD, Late...


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 27.00 x 43.00 Inches(68.58 x 109.22 cm)
Original Price: 25000.00 USD
Markings: N/A

"Purrasaurolophus Nesting: 73 million AD, Late Cataceous Period" Wool, Wood, Metal, dye, cotton, paint, antique cabinet, blown egg, electric lights. 27"X43"X14" "This piece is an imaginary Natural History museum exhibit. Two needle felted fiber art sculptures, a mama Purrasaurolophous and a baby just hatching out of its shell are surrounded by flora in the lighted interior of the case. The lights are designed to shine both cool and warm glows, can be dimmed, and can be controlled by the included remote. They are powered by batteries, so no wiring is required. The case is in an antique curio, hand painted with an added latch closure door in the back. Two original landscape paintings are framed into the sides of the case. The wool for the Dinokitties was hand dyed by the artist and the mama took over 250 hours to complete. It is a one of a kind object."
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