Pink Blue Eyes Tiger


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 27.56 x 27.56 inches (70.00 x 70.00 cm)
Original Price: 270.00 GBP
Run: 99

Pink Blue Eyes Tiger Marko93 £270.00 Edition size: 99 70 cm x 70 cm Paper BFK Rives 270 g. Lithograph 4 colors printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut Signed and numbered by the artist. This lithograph represents a tiger with a pink and a blue eyes, he is made of calligraphy. This arty tiger is an organic matter made up of a mix of abstract calligraphy from all around the world. The instinctive and wild animal has a benevolent gaze. He highlights a way of distilling animal nature within an urban universe already formatted by rules which are opposed to the spontaneous and bestial reign of the tiger. Marko93 has a special fascination for felines that he paints and draws perfectly to represent their wild beauty, dignity and majesty.
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