True Flag


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 40.55 x 28.74 inches (103.00 x 73.00 cm)
Original Price: 960.00 GBP
Run: 99
Markings: Signed & Numbered

TRUE FLAG Maya Hayuk £960.00 Edition size: 99 103 x 72.50 cm (40.55 x 28.54 Inches) Paper White BFK Rives 270 g. Lithograph 10 colors printed with Marinoni machines and hand cut Signed and numbered by the artist ""TRUE FLAG" is my first lithograph, printed in Paris in May 2015. Each color is hand-painted on mylar and burned to aluminum then printed on gorgeous, hand-ripped paper. There were no computers used to make this print - it's truly an analogue artwork. For the print itself, i wanted to experiment with the litho process, which i was not very familiar with. Under the guidance of Print Them All and Idem, i was able to work through several ideas before arriving on this image. it's ultimately directly related to my screen prints, but with all of the magic that lithograph has to offer and inspired by this incredible Print Studio i had the honor to be able to work in. « TRUE FLAG » is a tapestry of intersecting and overlaid colors, as if all flags were woven into one. The name "TRUE FLAG" is the opposite of "FALSE FLAG" - a covert military operation designed to deceive in such a way that the military action appears to be carried out by entities other than those who actually planned and executed them." Maya Hayuk
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