Delirious Oyster Bar New York


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): N/A
Original Price: 350.00 GBP
Run: 22

Forged steel, cellulose paint, woven lanyard, numbered nickel-plated tag. 66 x 4 x 4 cm. Edition of 22, accompanied by signed and numbered certificate. Richard Healy's edition for Whitechapel Gallery is an object developed from his video Lubricants & Literature, featured in The London Open 2018. The video features a boxing gym serviced by an oyster bar, with a view over the Hudson River, based on an architectural description taken from the writing of Rem Koolhaas. The edition is made of three components, an oyster shucker, a woven lanyard and an individually numbered nickel plate. The oyster shucker, whilst for decorative purposes only, is conceived as sculpture or wearable object. Forged in steel, the shucker is painted in the same flesh pink as sculptural props and objects which populate the video's highly charged environment. The woven lanyard bears the name Delirious Oyster Bar New York, and an individually numbered nickel plate evokes the keys to a locker room.
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