Zeichnungen von Drama und Frühstück im Atelier, Vol. II, Pages 1 – 2


First Edition

Dimension (x,y,z): 44.09 x 62.99 inches (112.00 x 160.00 cm)
Original Price: 7500.00 GBP

On the occasion of his exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, Das New Yorker Atelier, Abridged, Wade Guyton has created two new Limited Edition prints. These large scale prints speak of our relationship to digital technologies' impact on image production, artistic processes and the dissemination of information. Instead of a paintbrush, Guyton utilises computers, inkjet printers, scanners and iPhone cameras to create his large-scale paintings and smaller works on paper. Guyton's Limited Edition prints show stacks of his drawings photographed piled, in two different arrangements, against black tiles of Guyton's New York studio's floor. These drawings are inket prints onto pages torn from art catalogues. They partially obscure the original content, abutting the past with the present and overlaying one type of image-making technology with another. The photographs used for these Limited Editions originate from Guyton's artist's books – his Zeichnungen publications which present series of photographs of his drawings piled against different surfaces in his New York studio. The photographs are also echoed in Guyton's Serpentine Gallery exhibition – within a series of vitrines. The black tiles lining their interiors reference the kitchen floor in Guyton's studio, collapsing the distance between the site of production and its representation in the gallery space.
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